Do any of these statements feel true to you?

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you do, it’s never enough?

Overgiving and stuck in the never-ending to-do list productivity train?

Do you experience pain and discomfort and want to explore new and healthier ways you relate to your body?

Feel disconnected from your cycles and your body?

Do you feel super energised and on top of your game one minute and then uninspired and unmotivated the next?

Do you feel controlled by your emotions especially during the PMS phase?

Have you ever wondered and noticed how your mood, energy, food cravings, libido and emotions fluctuate within your monthly cycle? What if I told you that these are all totally natural ebbs and flows that women go through! When we have pain, pms and other menstrual related issues, It is a signal from our body telling us that something, somewhere is not right.

This is where Menstrual mapping comes in.

Inside this group immersion, we’ll dive into a specific phase of your cycle each week. We’ll explore the feminine archetypal themes and the corresponding inner seasons, whilst connecting it to your everyday life.

What you can expect.

Spiritual Perspective

A spiritual perspective around menstruation.


Less discomfort and more harmony and vitality with your flow.


The connection between your cycles and the greater cycles within nature.


Release shame and taboo related to menstruation.


Embodiment, self-love & cycle-based living.


Basic and simplified understanding of our hormonal system.


Reconnecting to the wisdom and magic of your bodies and cycles.


Individualised rituals based on your specific circumstances.

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An 8 week deep dive into the menstrual medicine and holistic wisdom of our cycles.

Let's start with Menstrual Mapping – What is it?

Menstrual Mapping is a feminine guide to integrating a holistic life. It is a lifestyle choice whereby you adapt your nutritional needs, exercise routine, social events, sensual pleasure and the way that you navigate your work/life balance to reflect the different phases of your cycle.

As women, we experience four different phases each month. both light & dark Every woman has four different aspects of herself, she ebbs and flows from one to the other in a rhythmic pattern. Each phase contains certain charcteristics and qualities specific strengths and challenges. Adapted Kelly Roland

Identifying and understanding where you are in your cycle will allow you to proactivly navigate through the shifting hormones causing you to feel and act differently.

Once we learn to live in sync with our cycles we can experience more vitality, have more energy and live more harmoniosly with others. 

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What you will receive


+1 x 60 minute live group Q & A for extra juicy support.

+8 x weekly 60+ minute live group calls with your soul sisters

+Weekly PDF workbooks and joural prompts covering nutrition, spirituality, sexuality and movement practices.

+Powerful guided meditations and videos to access your full feminine range and embodiment

+Lifetime access to the materials

+An exclusive Facebook group for support and wisdom - where we can support and encourage eachother .

+Extra lives from me, card readings and journal prompts and feminine Embodiment practices in the group.

+Additonal upgrades available for 1:1 cycle consultations and personalised rituals.

Due to our constant flux in hormones and brain chemistry. We have times where we are more aligned to rejuvenate and times where we are more inclined to smash goals like nobody's business.  

The truth is we need to give ourselves permission to rest and nourish ourselves in order to take bold action.  

Together, we work to to reconnect you with your feminine wisdom and embrace cyclical living and grounded holistic wisdom.  

Through this programme you will learn how to:

  • Experience inner peace, and feel centred and balanced in your natural feminine flow
  • Experience  deep and meaningful relationships with yourselves and others
  • Experience more vitality and energy in all areas of your life
  • Feel more authentic confidence and self worth
  • Communicate where your at and how you’re feeling a partner/lover or friend
  • Take off the mask and allow all parts of you to be expressed with confidence
  • Bring the joy and spice back into the bedroom (and with yourself) in a way that feels natural

My style – Who am I?

 I am a devotional feminine ritualist and mentor for spiritually conscious women who feel overwhelmed and disconnected from themselves. My programmes offer a simple and powerful way to embody your entire cycle on a physical and esoteric level.

Unlike other cycle based programs that only give you mindfulness practices, the Blood Mysteries offers a simple way to embody your entire cycle through nutrition, sexuality, and movement. Combining sacred metaphysical teachings with grounded holistic guidance.  

I use specific principles, practices and tools fusing ancient spiritual sciences & feminine embodiment practices with modern day living. This deep work is a delicious blend of embodied expertise, experience & formal studies

I created a more loving, connected & nurturing relationship with my inner feminine

"My work with Shoshana helped me create a more loving, connected & nurturing relationship with my inner feminine & my beautiful moon flow.

"I highly reccommend her to anybody seeking to understand more about their inner seasons & how they show up in our outer worlds, & ways in which to implement a more harmonious balance in embracing, connecting to, & celebrating these magical seasons. Also those wanting to learn how to give & receive the most to & from themselves, & the experience of journeying to discover what this looks like for you.

"There is literally not a single day that passes since working with Shoshana that I don't think of our journey together, as every single day I utilise something from the toolbox of magic she helped me create within myself.

"Shoshi has an infinite trove of juicy knowledge which she imparts with a humbleness & shares with unconditional love. She is a path shiner to the new masculine & feminine rising..... Aho" 

Suzi Stone



When will the course start/end?

The course starts June 21st - August 16th 2020.

Where will I receive all the resources?

All the resources will be delivered through Facebook files and there will be reminders of live calls via Email.

How much time is expected each week?

This really depends on how much time and energy you have to put in to this container. I would say ideally to set aside an hour a week to implement and embody the resources.

What is the investment?
Are there payment plans ?
How about refunds?

The investment/ exchange is $497. I offer a variety of payment plans as well.
No, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of this work. If you are willing and able to put in the inner work and outerwork, you will get results. I will guide you but it’s up to you to show up for yourself.

I’ve never done this before and am a bit nervous

That's ok. Accept where you are right now. We are all start our journeys at very different phases of our lives. This is a safe space to show up in your truth and vulnerability.


An 8 week deep dive into the esoteric principles and holistic wisdom around the menstrual cycle.

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